First, the work-type links:

Studio Proteus -- "Translation and production of the best in manga"
Dark Horse Comics -- The other publisher for most of the books I letter.
Kodansha -- the original publishers of aforementioned manga.They have an English site and the "Manga Preview" page is pretty neat. You can see the pages with the English translations as you pass the cursor over the text.

Random music-type sites:

Blue Man Group -- Okay, so it doesn't look like they're gonna record anything new for a while. In the meantime, ignore the Intel spots and go to their Vegas show.
The Residents --
The Damned -- They finally have an official site. Sad thing is, they're still making a living from re-issuing old tracks. I'm also not too sure about the current line-up, but hey, we all had our fun.
Kraftwerk -- Still boinging, booming and chacking. Dieses website ist extrem deutsch, ja?.
Astralwerks -- Most of my recent cd purchases is from this company. Check out Aphex Twin, Basement Jax and Fatboy Slim.
wild949 -- Despite my interest in techno, I spend 70% of my working time listening to this station. I hate changing cd's and I'm hating nü-metal and "alternative" music. However, I'm not a playa hayta.
Matt Howarth's mega music links -- I'm a huge fan of writer/artist Matt Howarth and his creation, Bugtown. His site doesn't do him any justice though and the linked Bugtown site has broken javascript, so I can't recommend it. But he's a huge electronica/prog rock fan and has two pages of music links on his site.

My favorite amusements:

Deep Fried Live -- Watch the cartoons, learn to cook, buy the aprons!
Bonsai Kitten -- Alas, my cats are too old to train.
Superbad -- Someone's mysterious design portfolio/ lava lamp.
Yenz -- The things you can do with Flash...
fup -- the literary saga of the Powell bookstore cat. So I do stuff featuring my stupid cats, that makes me a crazy cat lady?


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